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You have come to the right place, because...
We love sports just as much as you do

That’s why in our rooms we have more than enough storage space for your equipment. In addition, we have a ski and bike test centre that includes rentals, courses, a workbench and sports lockers – and great deals for athletes, too!

Our environment is important to us

We are not only the first certified passive (zero-energy) hotel in Europe, but we are also climate neutral. That is truly unique in the hotel industry. However, for us, it’s simply a matter of course!

We have the most beautiful mountains

The Explorer Hotels are situated in 6 of the top alpine regions. In Germany in Oberstdorf, near Neuschwanstein and in Berchtesgaden; in Austria in Montafon, in Kitzbühel, in Zillertal and in Ötztal.

You can really relax here

Our beds are extremely comfortable, the rooms are spacious and the mountain view is invigorating. The absolute relaxation highlight is our sports spa, which includes a sauna, steam bath, infra-red cabin and a fitness room.

You can count on us

Everything we do, we do with passion and the highest level of commitment. For us, quality is not just a buzzword! We promise that you’ll always receive the best available rate and that you will meet Explorer Buddies who will be happy to advise you and who are just as crazy about sports as you.

Explorer Hotels in Germany and Austria: We serve quality at the breakfast buffet

We love zeroes... least insofar as they are related to our egg frying station at the Explorer Hotel’s breakfast buffet. Here you can learn why we’re so fussy about “zero eggs”, and you’ll also see what else there is to discover at our breakfast buffet.

The code on the egg

Have you ever taken a closer look at your breakfast egg? The number printed on your egg divulges the origin of the egg, and also provides a bit more information. The so-called producer code is structured as follows:

The first number provides information about the system of hen keeping. The “0” means that the hens were kept under organic conditions. And precisely those are the eggs you’ll find at Explorer Hotels. 3, for example, stands for cage farming :-( This number is then followed by the country code. In our Explorer Hotels in Austria, you will find eggs marked with “AT” for Austria. Since we also use regionally sourced products, your Explorer Hotels in Germany will have eggs marked “DE”. The other numbers provide information about the farming operation.

Did you know that you can make your favourite scrambled eggs yourself in the Explorer Hotels? At the egg frying station located at the breakfast buffet, you can use the frying pans, eggs and anything else you may need. There is nothing holding you back from enjoying breakfast just the way you like it. ;-)

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